HYPORTRAITS  is an interactive installation and a collaborative project that explore the portrait’s role in our society, its importance as a pure visual representations of ourselves and how this is evolving to represent our faces in the future.

Future Face Concept

Future Face Concept


The new social behaviors proposed by the digital era and new technologies allow humans to create new or different versions of ourselves, to change the way other humans look us. If we look at devices such as Google Glass, those,  will allow us to have in real time any digital face or representation of it, we will be creating new skins, new mask to represent our emotions, our interest or even to create a version of ourselves that we are not capable to achieve; at the end, a new concept of Portrait.

With that in mind we are looking to explore concepts of collaborative descriptions a NEW psychological hypocrisy as a rule to move in the new world. Because every time  we simulate to show what we want and dissimulate to hide what we don’t want to show of ourselves, this will allows to be new individuals in the virtuality.

This installation will be a tool to look at this phenomenon, together we’ll create new portraits, new versions of ourselves.


Photo by Santiago & Mauricio. Used only as a reference
Images collage reference: COLLAGENE customizable masks software by MHOX Design.
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