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HYPORTRAITS: A Social Creation Experiment

Advanced Interaction Research Studio Final Presentation – IAAC 2014 Barcelona Hyportraits_concept

Since we have memory, we have been fascinated with the image, it has the power to last in time, create identity and find a perfect spot in our collective imagination as society. Portrait is a complex visual exercise with huge impact in the visual culture development of our society. We have seen that trough history , and that is why we are so attracted to explore it from the perspective of new technologies and new challenges as creators of the information age.

In one hand, as humans and digital citizens we are in constant evolution, so our visual representation need to have the same attribute: be evolutive, able to change in real time and offer infinite possibilities; and that is possible with the actual tools that we have now days. We can put together very complex process in simple functions to obtain unpredictable results.

On the other side, take a look at the process of visual creation, where there is always two roles:  be observed and be the observer. At the end a collective exercise. Based on that we decide to create an installation were the portrait an exercise of mutual creation, where two strangers meet in a moment and work together to create an unexpected visual result. As interaction students we were very interested in do an experiment and a research into the phenomena of collective reaction, finding an excuse to connect our identities and create something together. At the end is the representation of how we act as society: we work together to evolve.  Read More »

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Close to the Body // Workshop

IAAC Advanced Interaction students along with ESDi students and Estruch artists participated in the Close to the Body workshop, with Oscar Tomico  from the Designing Quality in Interaction Research Group at the Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology and and Marina Castan from ESDI, in order to research the design wearable’s, the material, the body and performativity

Close To The Body, a project that explores the emerging space offers smart textile technology to investigate the dynamic relationship between the body, textiles and the environment, investigated how the body influences the material and vice versa during the workshop.

Photo credits: Oscar Tomico

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