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Looped Frames

Our aim was to create a minimal, wired framed structure comprised of individual components. These components where notched together in order to form a unified staircase.In order to ensure structural stability, the form was first physically tested. The structure was firstly laminated with a single layer of plastic and aluminium tape. When realising the materials rigidity, we when applied multiple layers of plastic and metal pieces placed in between each layer. This proved to be successful as the multiple layers of plastic stiffened the structure. 



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Structural folds


In order to study and understand this notion of a self-supporting structure, a number of tests where conducted. These experimental forms where all constructed by folding a single piece of paper. By repeating this action and directing the folds in contrasting angles, we discovered the parameters for component behaviour.

Due to the orientation of the fold, the compressive force is applied through the vertical fold on the Y axis. The forces flow from x and y co-ordinates, which provides structural strength. Therefore the tension is held on the X axis which are the weaker points of the structure.

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