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Poly-Pocket: A Sticky Spiral Staircase of Tensioned Spring-Capsules

Poly-Pocket is a sticky spiral staircase of tensioned spring-capsules. The Individual components are held together using only tension members and friction enhanced by the “stickyness” of soft pvc plastic. The sticky pvc is laid over stiff polypropylene, which uses tension forces to hold the surfaces in active bending.

The video above shows the assembly process of the final model from our weekend workshop. The video below shows the process of computer-aided structural analysis, via the gh add-on Karamba. The Galapagos Solver of gh was used to find the lowest structural utilization among the possible combinations of geometric variables. The variables are applied to a single component, which associatively updates the global geometry.

[formula used for testing: (utilization percent range)*(square of utilization percent maximum)]

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Latticed Rubber Shell

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Friction-Fitting Rubber

Sheet rubber has two properties that are uncommon in structural or architectural materials.

1) “Stickyness:” rubber with a glossy finish sticks to other rubber surfaces, amplifying friction

2) “Springback:” rubber has a high degree of elasticity, allowing it to spring back to its original shape when released from deformation or stretching

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