Structure as book component


The pages from a book as a lightweight component. The whole structure is one new book with a new written story. Lightweight structure merge with vegetation. The structure grows as the story.

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Books Pavilion Proposal 3D Model

Propuesta modelo 3d pavilion_Page_1 Propuesta modelo 3d pavilion_Page_2

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Hand-Made vs Machine-Made Protocols Workshop

The Hand-Made vs Machine-Made Protocols Seminar started last week, and already some very  interesting structures are being developed.

The students also had a first crit with Anupama Kundoo, Arndt Goldack, Areti Markopoulou, Silvia Brandi and Gerd Fleischmann.

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The curious spectator

IMG_0167ps IMG_0168ps IMG_0171ps

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El Vol de la Llibertat


IMG_7400 IMG_7404 Lighting reference 2

Flying books in morphed shapes create spaces and connection of knowledge and freedom


The considerations above books and our project are mostly about their duality. Back and front, when they are open, hard and soft, inner and outer parts, or lighter and whiter in, heavier and darker out…or even flexible the pages, motionless the cover.

Though this we came directly with a main division of this two parts, imaging the cover as the strong outer surfaces of the pavilion, and the pages  as real content, the warm they can make you feel, the beauty made by the color of the pages and their shape once bended, as in the picture.

Books in to Architecture by adding new material. Our action was to insert a structure, as you can see in the drawn scheme, between these parts, in the only empty space inside this solid structure as a book is. A structure where a steel string supports them, and at  the same time smaller X strings keep the cover up. This structure will works as a path roofs and a connection between points (trees, lampposts, walls) that represent different places (Cataluña to Spain or city to city in Cataluña)   where the books, or the knowledge, so the freedom, is the jumper wire between them. By this, transforming books in Architecture.

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