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Folding System

Shelving, Partition, Skin

The materials besides books could be tension cables and clips.

The books interlock and form a strong folding connection. The Edge of each book acts as a hinge and gives the system a dynamic characteristic.
The uses can be skin for the structure, shelving, and internal partitions.

The folding system changes in size when interaction with end users is happening. The system extends when books are added and shrinks when books are removed.

The system also provides an interactive space with the surrounding as the skin opens and closes.



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structural book bay

Grid 1- the chain below is formed through folding the pages of 2 or more books into each other, with the spines facing outward. when this connection is used to form different geometries, the combinations can be compressed together as a system into various arcs, vaults and double-curve modules. the malleability of the interlocked pages within the books allow the form to follow a curve, while the spines of each book act in compression to provide rigidity. we see this system as a jumping off point for developing an interlocking gridshell system or the creation of a woven surface where all members are acting in compression.

image (2) Untitled4IMG_0508    image (4)

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