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Algae bio-powering cells

  Energy is at the centre of contemporary urban landscape development like water has been an important factor for ancient cities establishment and expansion. In pre-industrial times rivers and lakes have been strongly influencing the morphogenesis of cities however presently contemporary energy infrastructures are instead often segregated from the city itself, hidden in places, not [...]

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Hygroscopic Water Collectors

   Hygroscopic behavior of 1mm thick pieces of linden wood, 5x times sped-up. (Click image to view video)

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Mycotecture GR2: Building from Mushrooms

The goal is researching a new technology of biologic building material production. Mycelium is the growing root like structure of mushrooms and it has been found out in a closed container with cellulose based input mycelium grows and takes the form of the container.

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Visit to the algae bioreactor and constructed wetlands of the GEMMA

Today the MAA students of the Introductory Studio “When Energy Becomes Form” directed by Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto and Carmelo Zappulla, visited, with professor Silvia Bures, the algae bioreactor and constructed wetlands of the GEMMA- Group of Environmental Engineering and Microbiology at the Dept. of Hydraulics, Maritime and Environmental Engineering of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, in Barcelona. [...]

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Mycotecture – growing into form

  This project entails a focus on mycelium and its relation to architecture. Our objective is to design an architectural installation using Mycotecture (fungus made blocks) in Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs. Through this process we have grown the mycelium in order to study the substance and its properties. This included various experiments, using a variety of combinations in [...]

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