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Korean Presbyterian Church_Greg Lynn


Greg Lynn Form, Korean Presbyterian Church (1999), New York City

Logic’s – Traversal_Relational_Digital.

Concept – Binding all the logics together

Architectural Project – Presbyterian Church by Greg Lynn

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On Growth and Form- D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson


On Growth and Form, D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson

In this text Thompson combines Biology, science and Math ideas together, in order to present his theory of transformation in nature. Thompson writes about the morphogenesis, the process by which patterns are formed in plants, animals and human beings. His goal is “To study inter-relations of growth and form, and the part which the Physical forces play in this complex interaction”[1]

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The Conditioned Outdoor Room, Bernard Rudofsky, (1955)

The conditioned outdoor room, Bernard Rudofsky, (1955)

1.            In this article Rudofsky expresses his main ideas about the importance of a proper garden, an outer space that is blended within the interior space. Rudofsky starts by saying that people will never succeed in “conquering” the climate, “nobody could say that we have come to terms with the outdoor”.[1] According to him, climate is the thing that defines us as humans- physically and mentally.


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