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Digital Logics – T2

Form has been one of the most important elements for architects to achieve. There will be a set of perimeter in the sense of form that architects always want to excel at or push beyond. Has been said on my previous critical thinking that architecture is one of humans’ attribute, thus as long as it exists in a functional manner to human, I am agreeing that any kind of form should be always advanced progressively according to human’s growth of needs. Architects spent their entire lives to work against gravity and climate,but sometimes in a ambitious manner that it put itself away its main purpose of existence.

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Relational Logics – T2


Photo courtesy: Iwan Baan.

Architecture is not so changeable, but the weather and people are, so architects have to find a platform that could accommodate the changes, Sou Fujiomoto pointed that out. His approach is always about how to make a relation between inside and outside environment as one of the realisations of his idealism. House N is not only about space nor form, but also about expressing the richness of what are `between` the house and the street. There are 2 types of gradation that he wanted to achieved through the design; boxes gradation (as the application of space concept which incorporate the inside and the outside) and openings/windows gradation (as the application to help the concept reaches its sense). It gives the experience that even when you are inside you still feeling outside, and when you are outside you actually have the transcendence access to still feel being inside. Somehow this experience is giving a sense to our understanding on Sean Lally’s The Shape of Energy which introduces of a new possibility that could advance our architectural approach through intangible matter.

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