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Form and Function follow Climate

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The important thing is not to stop questioning Albert Einstein


Text_Toward a Theory of Architecture Machines_Nicholas Negroponte

 In text Toward a Theory of Architecture Machines, Nicholas Negroponte discuss about advantages of self developing machines, relation between human and artificial, identifying the interaction of humans and evolutionary techniques. Evolutionary system is result of both, the man and the machine. Discussion is about machines that as he said, “can learn about architecture” and man with his knowledge is that those who can make machine to be smart. The development of information systems and computer graphics are services that enable the designer to expand their ideas and allow him more time to do what you really love. Its some kind of artificial love.

The author mentions five mechanisms that are important for achieving artificial intelligence. First is heuristic method based on rules of thumb or strategy which drastically limits the resolution of the problem. This method does not guarantee a solution. Machine will attempt to apply the relevant procedures with a similar problem. Heuristic gained from analogous situations would be the machine’s first source of contribution to the solution of a new problem.
After repeating meeting rote apparatus such control. It is important to learn to mind an event and its store. If the situation occurred repeatedly mechanism retains the circumstances to use it for similar situations. Response time and repetition become habits, good or bad.
Conditioning mechanism to process all non exceptional information. In addition to learning by heart responds to all events, generates the problem. Each robot is developing its conditioned reflex. Reward sector initiates activities. Implies testing each environment without the knowledge of the designer. This mechanism is crucial for good or bad architecture.
The last method is the inability or ability (forgetting convenience) of computers to forget all that we have entered into it. An example of as we take the antiquated structures, techniques, materials that do not correspond to the time or the environment in which we find ourselves.

Beside this mechanism mentioned Negroponte said those sea-discriminating mechanism or the interface. In fact, he’s talking about a machine that communicates with ambience and takes on the role of designers. These machines have features designers are necessary three characteristics: an event, a manifestation and representation. These three properties form the interface.
The author expresses his views and vision of the future machines – seeing machine. The machine is almost identified with the designer or architect. Architecture is a machine. The machine works on the principle of observation, environment, talks between architect and client. The device registers an event, plans, conversation enters the data in preparation for the final answer. Architecture Machine acquire information which client given era and therefore would have the potential to challenge and to question.
It all recognize it has seen and than extrapolates characteristics: commonalities, intents, patterns etc. After trying to answer on the complexion model solution, machine will give eleventh problem statement and asked to generate its own solution.

Today, computers are used in all spheres of life. They have become an integral part of most human daily activities. Clearly we can see a difference from the first computers and machines and their development until today. Negroponte in his text accurately guessed the significance of technology for architecture that is immeasurable. Their development allows freedom of design, work on more complex structures, experimentation, innovation. Man develops technology and machines, depending on their needs and objectives. We are able to develop machines to meet our needs, we can work to improve with more established errors and problems. The machine can be smart as we are able to is such a way. Their active participation in relation to technology and society work every day to improve. The point with which I don’t agree in the text is the author’s vision of future machine (seeing machine), where fully identifies human intelligence with artificial intelligence. I think that this part of the more ironic approach to the importance of technology. Man is the creator of the machine, so the machine will be smart how clever its creator.

As part of my personal research I would like to investigate how else can we improve the development of machinery, adapt it according to our needs. And im interesting about question : How much we can develop the technology? Could it really take control of us and fully identifying with the human mind?



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Relation Logics / T5


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Case Study_Never Never Land House /Andres Jaque Architects

Reading_Form and Function Follow Climate/Philippe Rahma

Never Never Land House  was built on a 1300 square meter allotment in the Cala Vadella Valley of Ibiza. Home explores the roll played by architecture, as a practice of technological restitution of social relations, combination of intimate sphere with the sphere of collective action. Based on hedonist tradition of suburban swimming pools in Santa Monica and “extreme happiness” related to electronic music and synthetic  drug consumption. In order to maintain the natural environment  80 percent of the house has been raised on the pillars above the ground.  Analyzing the house with  relational logic we can notice some similarities with: 1.Metaphorphical Logic-columns as branches, solid form as illustration of crown 2.Environmental-system by energy 3.Positional-trees organized as architecture, included in the house as a part of composition.

It is generally known that architecture is the art of designing, planning, and construction. Product architecture or architectural workers reflected the thinking of its creator, architect of the ideas and concepts of architecture, able to understand the priorities  in achieving the goal. However, certain parts of architectural achievement depends on economic opportunities and social consciousness. Looking at the history, we can say that the form and function changed depending on the culture and the period in which they arise. Each architectural epochs as result had certain types in construction. One of the main debates throughout the history of architecture was whether focusing on the form or function.As  we all know the phrase where “Form Follows Function” (Louis Sullivan) and “Function Follows Form” (Louis Kahn).  In the case of whether the form or function of the essence of architectural work a little neglected the fact that architecture is based on the development of the technique. In view of the need to have and important determinants of self-sustaining development. Magical words are present in the architecture : energy efficiency and renewable energy.

As an example we can take Switzerland where environmental solutions focused on increasing comfort and reducing non-renewable energy sources. The Minergie standard is registered quality label for new and refurbished building. Comfort is the central theme: the comfort of the users living or working in the building. This level of comfort is made possible for high-quality building envelopes and the systematic renewal of air . Specific energy consumption is used as the main indicator to quantify the required building quality. Architecture should be seen as a variable system that is adapted to climate, time, day or night, season, space, and used in accordance with our needs and desires. We should not allow ourselves to be functional and symbolic constraints preclude the free use and interpretation. Openness towards unexplored dimensions where the architect experimenting with time, space, matter is important.
Houses of the old neighborhoods of Baghdad, has interior spaces that varied in temperature. That is good example for climate quality rather than function. Aim is actualizing relationship between architecture and climate, natural or artificial in the era of sustainable development. If we take into account the typology of the building, there are many places for housing whose functions are obsolete, not in line with today’s lifestyle. Places in which we lost ability to live. Robbe Grillet indeed denounced “the tyranny of significations”.  Its better to present physical climatic, geographic and physiological spaces and time. Architecture replaces functional and symbolic constraints with freedom of use and interpretation.

As conclusion I can say that in the design of the house more attention should have been devoted to coordinate form and function parameters, other polluting energy spatiotemporal.
House is more based on personal expression and needs, in this case the intended fleeting romance and everyday sunset parties, thus not based on technical information.
Nature has been interpreted through architecture for centuries in various ways .In my opinion architecture would not be perceived as a form and function  individually, their primary issue is not the design of spatial boundaries, and not the space itself, its main concern is human life. Therefore, our task is not to adapt existing markets as a key institution of modern society, but we’re working on innovation. The form and function it is necessary to include together in time, place, new technology because  we are who advocate new techniques, shapes and materials. Our ability to establish the value of the structure is proportional to our ability to recognize and use the individual properties, mutual relations, as well as the integrity of the structure. Any increase in the number of attributes which define the models increases directly and our creative ability. Of experimentation, research, use of new materials, acquiring new knowledge, depending on the time and space  these attributes are increasing daily.

Attributes that I mentioned can be fairly subjective, dependent on the personal experience of architecture. They can be ambient, decorative, ecological, economic, functional, ethical, ideological, cultural, commercial, etc. From all of this it is necessary to extract the objective attributes, which will contribute to the development of technology, the improvement of human life and comfort, interaction with nature. So I was interested in exploring objective parameters that influence on development of new technologies whose list is constantly supplemented by acquiring new knowledge and experimentation.




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