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Science of Building_Group_24

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Playscape _ Mis-using Urban Environment

Logics_Relational Theoretical Framework _ Primitive Future by Sou Fujimoto   In his text “Primitive Future”, Fujimoto questions the notion of locale and unintentional spaces. He relates architecture to the idea of a cave that allows people to spontaneously adapt to its various contours and hollows. As to re-introduce this theoretical format into physical terms, a [...]

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Relational Logics in the Shape of Energy

Our presentation explores the Metaphorical and Atmospherical Relational Logics through an interactive and metaphorical skit.

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Relational Logics: Tranquility

Relational logics helped shape the critical analysis of the Barcelona Pavilion. There are 3 fundamental aspects that describe the relationship between the existing resources of the site, their environment, thus their response to built form. First, the existing resources can be found within the Context which includes vegetation and landform.  Function and Aesthetics respond to [...]

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Relational Logics_ T1- The comparison of the Related Forms

² Picture.   “Our geometrical analogies weigh heavily against Darwin’s conception of endless small continuous variations; they help to show that discontinuous variations are a natural thing, that “mutations”—or sudden changes, grater or less—are bound to have taken place and new “types” to have arisen, now and then. Our argument indicates, is it does not [...]

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