physical interface for work place

what was I working in?

physical interface used in meeting space. It includes pre-screen, on going mode and remote controller from user’s mobile phones.

what I came up with?

Interactive mode contained from three parts: pre-meeting, meeting mode and remote controller. Interface could be projection on the wall controlled by motions and mobile devices.

Main features:

Pre-meeting mode:

1. Headline presenting name of the meeting, moderator  and time left until start

2. Timeline of meeting. Contains of:

  • topics that will be covered during the meeting (distinguished by colors)
  • responsible moderatots of each part
  • duration
  • marked notifications
  • .

    3. Map

  • positions of participants
  • live stream of messages
  • .

    Meeting mode:

    1.Timeline with market notifications

    2. Sidebar

  • timer
  • topic’s name
  • pending notifications from participants
  • on-line participants. Visible connection quality.
  • tool kit
  • 3. Presentation space

    4. Space to open notifications

    Remote controller

    1. presenting mode

  • clock with slder indicates left time
  • hints and notes  for each slide
  • previous and next slide switch
  • 2. meeting following mode

    3. timeline

    4. timer

    5. tools

  • personal notes
  • highlighting moments
  • screenshots of board
  • sharing content
  • pointer
  • .

    What would be next?

    joining my work on digital information with Rafael’s physical space design.

    Turning my work into a product. What is my product going to do?

    Connecting multiple tools into solid and user-friendly platform that simplify communication, documentation, organization and content sharing among participants of a meeting.

    Who will buy your product? Who will buy your company?

    Organisations which have many meetings, uses multiple devices, has distant workers. Requires fast and fluent organizing and sharing of information.

    Who are (or will be) your competitors?

    What will be your killer selling point?

    It is intuitive tool to visualize and organize meetings. Replacing textual into visual.

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