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Final-Project Jumobj

The idea for the final project is the make an object that jumps that’s why the name JUMOBJ.

So we have a tetrahedral as our shape. I chose this shape because opposite to every surface there are corners. So i used this arrangement of a form as my input and output. So I have a light sensor in the center of each surface as an input  and use the corners of the form as an output device that makes it jump.

So now lets look at our piece in detail. We are using Solenoids as our push actuators, light sensor as input. Here is a list of things that we used.

Arduino board
• USB cable for programming and powering the Arduino
• Breadboard
• Some jumper cables
• A 1K resistor
• TIP120 transistor (TIP102 will also work fine)
• 1N4004 diode (1N4001 also works)
• Some batteries and connectors for solenoid power
• A solenoid with leads to connect to the breadboard

Circuit board

So we have  four surfaces for light sensors and four corners for our solenoids to push the object. In order for the solenoids to push  it needs a transistor to amplify the current from coming from arduino.  When the solenoid is in action it act like generator for the short while. Is action can damage our circuit. So in order to prevent is we use a diode.   For the light sensor it needs a resistance connected in parallel to the input pin and ground. below is the  curcuit schematic.

Solenoids in Action

So the only small workable 12 volt solenoid that I found were a pull solenoids. So i had to convert them by inserting a nail into the pulling pin the welding a nut to the nail on the other side.

Construction of  Piece

All the components are laser cut.Below is the image that explains it in detail.

The mean concurne was will the solenoid be able push the object hard enough that it looks like that it is jumping and which type of solenoid would be best for this job. Since we didn’t make the piece  so we didn’t know it’s weight & we did’t want the object to be really big and heavy.So there was an trial and error method to figure out if it is going work at all or not.

And so far it is still in work.

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Sound Fungus

final from Arfurqan on Vimeo.

video link:

The aim of the project was t produce sound by using light as a stimulus. In Arduino language we are using  five peizo as actuator and photo light resistor as external sensor.  Below is the testing image and bread board view of the circute.

We gave it a fungus mushroom like shape, in which each fungus is rising out a common base made up of sand acrylic glass, which houses the Arduino and the bread board. Each fungus ends we an inverted aluminum cup, which not only gives it a fungus mushroom like look but it is also acts as an amplifier and conceal the piezos.

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