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The aim of this exercise was to use computer vision. Computer vision is a complete field in itself. It has the power to take information from images or videos by complex methods of pixel analysis and etc. It has produced works ranging from art like display to automated robots. The xbox kinetic is an application [...]

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Computer Vision workshop / multi blob tracker

For my Computer Vision exercise I decided to work with Multi Blob Tracker Library (Flob) designed by Andre Sier and using the Flood Fill Algorithm. The result is a fluffy cluster of elements resembling the poplar or dandelion seeds, moving, drifting, floating and clustering according to a tracked movements of a person sitting in front of [...]

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on computer vision-paik-times-five-by-flightphase

I Really like the concept to turning a solid wall into something more then it is. In this case the wall is an interactive canvas on which you use your body to create or animate a random objects. For more info here is the link

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On Computer Vision, body manipulation of digital media.

When looking for examples of  computer vision projects I found out of the importance of the human body and the performance it will have interacting with digital media. While computer vision deals greatly with recognizing ‘objects’, the identification of human body could have very interesting applications. For instance, this installation called ‘body paint’ is designed to work [...]

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Audience – reference installation

After our first ‘Computer Vision’ class, looking for tracking applications I found this simple and nice installation. Audience – Audience – rAndom International from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

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