OTF 5.0 // Mid Term

otf mid term


Today the Open Thesis Fabrication 5.0 gave their Mid term review, with an internal IAAC jury, as well as representatives from the collaborative companies, in particular Claudia Roselló, Santa&Cole, and Toni Cumella, Ceràmica Cumella.

The OTF program pushes the development of a specific research agenda in the field of digital design and fabrication, in an experimental environment that provides the spatial and technological means to execute it, finally aiming to develop and complete full-scale prototypes using advanced CNC machinery, innovative material solutions, and smart energy applications.

Some of the proposals presented included energy generative prototypes using moss or vibrations as an energy source, additive and subtractive manufacturing with a series of natural materials, as well as smart materials focussing on conductivity and refraction.

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