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Group 15_ Milled Collage

Our purpose is to create a contrast between four monochrome surfaces and a multi-colored surface situated in the middle. In the modeling procedure the four surfaces have a slope which causes a shade and at the same time the middle surface consists of distorted pyramids defined through a Grasshopper definition. The pattern of the pyramids allows different colors of valchromat to show. We created sloped contour lines on the four monochrome surfaces which are parallel to the inner edges. For the multi colored surface in the middle, we created dense contour lines on the pyramids.

for more details see the link > PRESENTATION, PDF

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Valchromat Milling – Group 17

The idea was to create a geometrical pattern which can change and be perceived as a different volume from different angles. Leonardo da Vinci drawings were our inspiration. The object consists of 50 mm cubes and in each row the cube touches the adjacent cube in its corner (intersection point) and they have one parallel continuous diagonal line for the whole row. The rest of the rows are the same but it is shifted half the diagonal length to one side to intersect the cubes corners with the previous row intersection points.

Milling strategies
• 2 Axis engraving milling.
• 12mm radius tool.
• Maximum depth reached was 22mm.
• Process took 40 min to finish.

Presentation (PDF)

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Milling Information


Because of the specifications of the Valchromat material, and because we could use different tool sizes we thought that this assignment is a very good way to display information. We decided to display information about laaC students, specifically their origin.
So we placed a worldmap on top of our piece of material. We placed laaC in the middle, and put points on top of the countries where the laaC students come from, then connected these points with IaaC.
We selected the depths of the cuts in the way that, on each “crest” is on a different color level, so circles and straight lines are drawn by colors.

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The milling exercise was developed to make us familiar with the milling machine and explore the myriad ways of using a multi layered and coloured valcromat panel (our assigned material for milling).Developed on the concept of “Abstract depicting of the properties of a silk cloth” ; 2 tools, a 26 mm flat edge tool  and later a 12mm tool was used for parallel finishing to achieve the desired effect.

Time taken : 1 hour and 10 min.

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Milling in Valchromat

The exercise consisted in generating a pattern on a valchromat board sized 400 x 600 x 240 mm, by using the CNC Vertical Milling machine.  We explored the different effects and tools the 3-axis milling machine offers by simulating a number of patterns in RhinoCam for Rhinoceros. Our final proposal consisted in a series of nurbs inspired in water ripples, they were generated by heightfield and booleaned tools  into the panel, then this geometry was milled by a 26mm ball mill for horizontal roughing, and later detailed by the same tool as the previous process,  but used for the parallel finishing.

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