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Bending Paper Lamp

Photo credit: Mara Sylvester

The task was to figure out a design by the basis on the technique of bending and a material that was cardboard/papper. Our design implements the concept of one-piece/self-supporting structure that could spread light creating an atmosphere for diverse kind of spaces.

We tested several kinds of material and cut more than 2 times in order to explore the characteristics and select the best for the purpose of design. Our first tests had some engraving to manage the curve but at that time paper kind of broke because it was to hard to manipulate, another issue that we had was about how to fix together by this kind of arms-structure, they just disengaged from the main body. The design of the Lamp was made on Rhino modeling software, but we started doing some tests from shapes in different kinds of paper and bending. The cutting procces using a lasser cutter machine had these characteristics. Cutting process: Speed= 60  Power=80.

At the end we selected a kind of cardboard flexible but with the strength enough to resist itself in a single piece bended using kind of sticks folded from the central piece of paper.

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