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Methacrylate Lamp

Our work for this assignment consisted in fabricating a lamp out of methacrylate using the method of bending/folding the material. We started by the basic heat-bending of the material and realized we wanted to explore more complex options, we achieved this by bending the material not from a whole piece, but from the assembly of units that responded to the desired geometry of the final object, and could be re-assembled as many times as needed into a different or more complex object.  We had a center piece and a repetition of modules that behave sometimes as the lamp itself and sometimes as the support pieces for the base, the basic shape of the module was the same for all the pieces except from the base, all of them were drawn in Rhino and assembled digitally, which then led us to laser cut them and assembly the final object for presentation.

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Milling in Valchromat

The exercise consisted in generating a pattern on a valchromat board sized 400 x 600 x 240 mm, by using the CNC Vertical Milling machine.  We explored the different effects and tools the 3-axis milling machine offers by simulating a number of patterns in RhinoCam for Rhinoceros. Our final proposal consisted in a series of nurbs inspired in water ripples, they were generated by heightfield and booleaned tools  into the panel, then this geometry was milled by a 26mm ball mill for horizontal roughing, and later detailed by the same tool as the previous process,  but used for the parallel finishing.

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