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Group 15_ Milled Collage

Our purpose is to create a contrast between four monochrome surfaces and a multi-colored surface situated in the middle. In the modeling procedure the four surfaces have a slope which causes a shade and at the same time the middle surface consists of distorted pyramids defined through a Grasshopper definition. The pattern of the pyramids allows different colors of valchromat to show. We created sloped contour lines on the four monochrome surfaces which are parallel to the inner edges. For the multi colored surface in the middle, we created dense contour lines on the pyramids.

for more details see the link > PRESENTATION, PDF

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3D Printing // Spring Joints

Our main purpose is to test the bending capacity of the material according to different forms. The starting point was the plain form of a spring and its multiple profiles. This allowed us to test the different possible geometries and come to conclusion on which of them have more capacities on extending, bending and supporting rigidly the structure. The forms were modeled in Grasshopper and as a consequence they could be changed with different parameters like the number of turns of the helix and the dimensions of its profile. Continuously, we developed a new form which derived from this knowledge. This joint consists of an outer deformed helix which is connected to two inner ones which hold the 6mm bars. The parameters which influence the final printed forms is the maximum diameter of the center of the helix, the number of turns in all the three of them, the dimensions of the swiping profile and the height of the inner ones. From start the form which can be achieved using these joints and flexible bars was a geometrical form which could be deformed in a flexible way. That is to say, after deforming it, it can get back to its original shape.

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Lamp // Wood Bending & Weaving

We designed a unit, in which we can use the flexibility and the tension of the material due to the direction of wood’s fibers. We tested different ways of assembling it. After experimenting with different size of units and different joining methods (interlock, slots), we started to weave them. Using stripes, we weaved the units to each other. We figured that the material was performing itself; bending in the directions of the fibers due to the size of the unit. We created a pattern which optimizes the cutting surface. We used/weaved the lamp holder as a connection for the structure.

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