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  The urban void as an intimate dimension and slow biological rhythm against the condition of acceleration that pervades the metropoli. The project speculates on the concept of emptiness as permeating definition of the postmodern society and the prospect of its exploitation not for capitalistic or social-oriented purposes, but for an emotional- driven experimentation apt [...]

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” We can live 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, and only 3 minutes without  OXYGEN “

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Acoustic Ecology

  How can we transform POLLUTION into a CELEBRATION? Welcome to Acoustic Ecology: Our project reacts to the fact that throughout the years cities have been designed taking sound as a negative environmental factor. On the other hand we use sound as a parameter of design we experiment with different morphological urban patterns in Santa [...]

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Endosymbiont Besos

      A long time ago, back when the romans ruled over Catalunya, there used to be a river which brought life and richness to the surrounding city of Barcino. Birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals roamed freely around marshy wet lands as the river collected its last waters on its way to the sea, [...]

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[Re]phemeral | Intelligent Social Urbanism

Contemporary situational movements such as the makers revolution, do-it-yourself projects and social media integration have re-invented the paradigm of social production, bringing into question the added value of the top-down intelligence of architects. This project enforces that the role of the architect is not becoming obsolete, but that it is changing in coherence with the shift [...]

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