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Z10Landscape” We can live 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, and only 3 minutes without  OXYGEN “

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Endosymbiont Besos

 Time 36 Buildings-400

A long time ago, back when the romans ruled over Catalunya, there used to be a river which brought life and richness to the surrounding city of Barcino. Birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals roamed freely around marshy wet lands as the river collected its last waters on its way to the sea, cleaning and filtering the water as it went. As time passed Barcino grew, fell, rose, and over again, tuning to Barchinona, Barshiluna, and finally Barcelona. Unfortunately these changes didn’t go unnoticed to the surrounding territory and soon the ecosystem started being reduced, modified, and ultimately transformed. Farm land, flour mills, bridges, and buildings started damaging its natural balance as it gave way to the emergence of the mighty city of Barcelona.

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The area of intervention is in a crucial point, that no other city has, in the middle of a valley between two mountains, that represent the upper boundary of BCN. The other limits are the two rivers and the Mediterranean sea. Not very often happen than in a point of the city (two if I include the “symmetric” situation in Llobregat side), for natural reasons, occur so many events in terms of traffic.

Taking advantage and the responsibility of acting in a point that indirectly influence the whole city, my project intends to create a huge door-gate of the city.

A place dig in very depth, as a hell for cars, where these will be stopped, collected, and reuse in a more functional way that is not the transport. This giant thing comes to be the main brain of BCN, the cars (that in the next future will have a computer inside, so able to elaborate data) will be the oxygen for this super-machine through the power of coordinated computational calculus; in fact, the sum of the capacity of every single car will be multiplied by the number of cars. If oxygen gives activity to the brain, this brain acts (indirectly) with arms; the arms, so, is the GAS ( green active space), the real effect of this machine in the rest of the urbanized area (the main arm is the highway itself that will be a big park).

The Gas is a degree upper than simple green we use to know. In the meanwhile, to allow this, the transport will be totally changed from private to public; newlines of subway first of all, much more in numbers and much more frequent; the railroad will be drifted inside it, as well as bus, taxis and car sharing stations as the only wheel transports.

In term of architecture, the dig is done under a hill next to Montcada mountain; the hill will be replaced by a naturartificial park that is the roof of the structure and it has the same topography of the hill, but in a fragmented shape to underline the breakage. The immense empty space beneath it is fill by enormous pillars tree shaped; a shape that has various meanings and that is the generalized image of the entire project (pars pro toto; as a single, main element can represent the entire idea of a project).

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ephemeral technique / discrete mutation

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Digital Surgery | Joints


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