Z10Landscape” We can live 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food, and only 3 minutes without  OXYGEN “


The project aims to create the first instance of human consciousness of the importance of our environment and being more specific, air conditions.

The proposal of the green area but not in the cliched sense but to consider to be the solution to the problems of the cities, but the green area as a natural machine which absorbs carbon dioxide and produces oxygen from analysis of this problem and a proposal that not only pretends or tries to be a radical solution but an international model that attempts to address the problems of pollution and increases the importance of the existence of oxygen on our planet in direct relation with the self occurs and quality of human life.

G a s  Means …

We define the gas, not only as a visual element but is understood as a state and proposes green, active area and working as a machine that absorbs carbon dioxide and produce oxygen through photosynthesis, for us the gas is in this natural perspective machine.

Gas means 01Gas means 02

Barcelona´s  G A S

 Barcelona, like almost cities has had a linear growth over time, from its beginnings in the fourth century  being Barcino until this day where we can see this common process occupying the gray above the green, The city eating the nature.

We propose an hypothesis based on the first “choking” that resulted in the Cerda´s plan  and we stand 100 years later.


26 27



The following graphs analyze the number of square meters per person in barcelona, finding a critical condition in some of the districts, barcelona has a mountain colserolla to be included in this measure would not be not even in the global average.

Through a system of sensors we set equally measure the amount of oxygenation and harmful particles (contaminacino) in the air.

29 29A

Master Plan

The intervention area is between Vallbona, Sierra Marina Colserolla and by connecting these with Besos river.

Vallbona decided to choose as a starting point and still is connected to the vector of the river which is an element that is in a state isolated despite having the potential and qualities to be an influential element besides urbanely, in a space that contains a fluid culture, art, sports etc. .. our idea begins to propose a space / building that can connect these 2 elements (Vallbona, Besos River) and create a new circuit.

32 33



The city of Barcelona is in this state of “choking” and Vallbona element contains the oxygenator, the GAS, the intention is to multiplcar this element oxygen creating a machine which in turn interacts with the city through real-time data and in this way sends emergency gas.




Form Finding

This machine finds its form and function in the most powerful machine of nature, the tree, the translation is interpreted in a structural system and the same systematic way.



How it work

Finding the way through this translation of the shaft system, our “machine” works as follows:

1 -. Territorially /
Creating vector through the river that is in a state of isolation, a final and continuity of this, finding this circuit and reason to continue the path towards a final revalued by these elements.

The machines placed Besos area on the map of barcelona, becomes a new magnet where the city grows to her and not concentrated in existenes elements we already know.

The adaptation to the topography responds to respect the environment in which not only puts above the environment.

2 -. Systematically /

The main circulation is vertically placing all this new “program” in a different scale of the territory.

Production Oxygen / Carbon Dioxide Absorber
The production of oxygen is created through the reproduction of trees in content the same structure which becomes a living structure that takes the underground resources (h2o) to each mezzanine transporting and feeding the oxygen-producing elements (trees ).

The structure of the building is covered with bioceramic which through the titanium dioxide converts NOX gaseous state to solid state reacting with solar energy, with the rain which leads to the basement now being NITRATOS.

Between this structure a structured meso bioceramic material that would be the artificial CO2 sensor is proposed.

3 -. Results /

Being a closed system an ecosystem which proposes a basad as cultural and sports activities to production inputs program is created.

Hyperbaric Cam
The intent of this new “ecosystem” is to create a “natural hyperbaric cam” where levels of oxygenation are at the highest point.



Real Time Stratergy

Through real-time data and a proposed “drones”, the machine receives information for the state of the city and attack critical points of contamination particles (we took the NOX and CO2) and oxygenating later.

Z10 Z11



Z16A Z17 Z17A Z17C Z19 Z20

” Lets think of buildings as trees and the cities as a Forest”

Special Thanks to Gonzalo De la Cámara and Maite Bravo 


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