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Friction-Fitting Rubber

Sheet rubber has two properties that are uncommon in structural or architectural materials. 1) “Stickyness:” rubber with a glossy finish sticks to other rubber surfaces, amplifying friction 2) “Springback:” rubber has a high degree of elasticity, allowing it to spring back to its original shape when released from deformation or stretching

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PROTOTYPE  1 :   After experimenting , we have decieded to utilise the potential of paper to it’s maximum-folding and bending properties,often refered to as origami.In mathematics the regular paper folding sequence is known as the dragon curve sequence , it is an infinite automatic sequence of 0′s and 1′s.The sequence takes it’s name from [...]

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Simplified Tensile Tents

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“Y” Structure

The structural component was designed according to the technic of TOPOLOGICAL OPTIMIZATION. The inception of our design was a rectangular block influenced by a puntual load on top of it. The distribution of the strength lines produced is in a shape of  ”Y” letter , so we kept this form for a structural component. The [...]

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For this assigment we decided to use dynamic structures doe the adaptability and flexibility they bring. It consists of two rigid elements hinged together, that leave us we diferent posibilities for the design; this means that the system can be stabilized by placing a rigid element. 

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