“Y” Structure

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The structural component was designed according to the technic of TOPOLOGICAL OPTIMIZATION. The inception of our design was a rectangular block influenced by a puntual load on top of it. The distribution of the strength lines produced is in a shape of  ”Y” letter , so we kept this form for a structural component. The result was produced thanks to the use of a specific software, called TOPOSTRUCT. After analyze the stress lines inside the block, we got the shape of the component we are working with.


topological optimization

Modules distribution.

VAULT (C) cut



with this component we can solve different sorts of volumes, creating spaces with unexpected results. The possibilities are a lot since we can distribute de loads, uniformly following the shape of the component. This piece can distribute the different loads following the behavior of domes and vaults, working as a skin with structural behavior.
To locate the pieces, it was ncesary to generate a grasshopper skin definition which allow us to subdivide the base surface in tiles, distributed like a brick wall due to the geometry of the “Y” pieces. The structure stiffness is increased due to the second layer behind, with the same components that allows a better interlocked of the different elements.

VAULT (A) VAULT (B)1616285_3827104213458_823063942_n


For the second step the idea was to look for a second structural behavior with the same component. We rotate it 90º degrees thinking how it could be the structure stiffness in a wall. The pattern becomes more complicated but the structure could work in a similar way than the first one. Geometry of the curves can self support the whole system, giving to it more rigidness


WALL (A)imagen 3



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