Sculpting the Squares

Exercise 1



The exploration for a structural module began with a simple geometry-Square. The 2-dimensional geometry was torn, detached and wrapped to achieve a 3-dimensional module. This structure exhibits multiple forces in each folded member. There are tension and compression acting doubly on each member of the module resulting is a overall complex structural behaviour.


The multiple variety of compositions are a result of arrays of overlaps, interlocking and possibility of attaching to various faces.


Exercise 2

8 910 11

Two strips of cardboard where twisted and joined from both ends what forced the elements bend and create such kind of shape. Every element has different kind of forces.

12 13

Two elements where joined as an arch and combined in a zip-look structure.

14 15 16 17

Two elements where joined in 90 degrees angle and connected with two more mirrored. Such combination can be repeated indefinitely.

Such kind of structures and elements itself perform varieties of behavior, such as tension, compression, pushing, torsion etc.

1 54 6

Same elements but with another material – paper, showed more active behavior of structures and gave another possibilities of assembling.

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