“Triangles and nothing more”

Our model is based on two simple structures , a triangle and a square this last devided in the half to make two triangles at the end. The triangle is one of the highest strenght structures because this does not deform unless we applied a big  load compared to its size, the best part of this shape is that the three elements of  the triangle can act in compression or tension, so doing an item almost perfect to build rigid structures.

modelo 2modelo 1

Unlike the square is a weak member when it applies a load , when it happens is deformed in a rhomboid , the simplest solution for strengthening this type of element is putting an element dividing the square , forming two triangles , with this the element becomes very tough .


Our structures act as rigid members such as steel bridges, the idea was to have two surveyed points to change the normal condition of a Rigid Structure.
Based on these ideas we designed two different structures , where both elements behave differently.
Below you can see a structure where we use the combination of both elements to give strength and stability to the main structure , our goal was to have at least two points of support in order to be able to lift two opposite points to observe the deformation of the element, like we said before. The original prototype  is a set of arcs mixed with triangles we are thinking to use  ​​3d printing unions, to have the most close prototype to the design.

Prototipo 1 Prototipo 2 prototipo 6   prototipo 9 (1)
In the same way we show another design this time a dome made of only triangle elements in order to study the behavior of the elements in a different state , as we can see , the properties of the first structure is acting more in tension and compression but the most common force isthe tension .
Regarding the dome triangular elements  the

behavior is quiet different because in this case the  compressive force of the items shown here can appreciate the strength of the simple structure to a different tensile strength, which generally these elements act more .

We design the structures with pipes elements and with the help of rhino and grasshopper.

prototipo 9 (2)prototipo 7IMG_6690 IMG_6689 IMG_6691

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