Concentric spirals


In the challenge to create a sculptural staircase we looked for inspiration in geometrical forms. We wanted to reproduce the spiral in a functional way and create an angular spiral with a strong core.

bellow : first physical model tryoutm1The first tryout the model was composed by a series of separate rings that were independent of each other.

bellow: second physical model experimentm2The ideal was to create a single strip of material that would act both as a self supporting structure and a sculptural staircase.definitionIn order to optimise the shape for a best structural performance, the model was submitted to structural analysis through Karamba, as a result of the Karamba analysis studying the deformations, utilization of all members and the forces applies on the structure,  multiple triangulations were  added to the outer members and the inner spiral  was connected to the base so as to make the structure stable. Addition of triangulations helped in even distribution of forces through and structure and also provided stiffness to the structure.

bellow: deformation at point 0Deformation at point 0bellow: deformation at point 100Deformation at point 100bellow: displacement Displacementworking in parallel with the physical and the digital:m4bellow: filled by My/Nx/VzFilled by MY Filled by NX Filled by VZbellow: axial stressAxial Stress


bellow: first proposal and final 3d model after analysisrender


Through the physical model we learnt a different observations, the placement of the steps when shifted from the center of the beam members to being placed between two beams provides better stiffness.

The other observation was the replacement of the top beams with a pre-stressed wire cable system which would help in keeping the vertical members in place and make the load from the upper roof members less, in return providing a structure with less members and providing better stability.



Experimental structures workshop 2014 // ruxandra // sahil // rodion //  

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