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El Vol de la Llibertat

Flying books in morphed shapes create spaces and connection of knowledge and freedom   The considerations above books and our project are mostly about their duality. Back and front, when they are open, hard and soft, inner and outer parts, or lighter and whiter in, heavier and darker out…or even flexible the pages, motionless the [...]

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The project consists in creating a flexible structure by interlocking books in different directions. Using weight distribution it creates a bouncing sequence that can be manipulated into different geometries.  

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Roof of covers and columns of content CCC

Maintaning the capacity to read a book in a structure for supporting a book-dome. In the roofstructure you can see the covers of the book. In the columns you can feel and read the books.

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circular book bay


  an extension of the structural book bay, this module was developed through stretching the limits of ‘Grid 1′, and the interlocking connection.

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Kinetic Libro Skin

A Kinetic skin – combining both the structure and flexibility of a massed jigsaw of irregular books with the implementation of tensile tendons to create a dynamic, flowing, adaptable structure and space. A new building material of compressed pages allowing any form, flexibility, and stability.

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