circular book bay



an extension of the structural book bay, this module was developed through stretching the limits of ‘Grid 1′, and the interlocking connection.

there is a particular formula for the structural arch, which is involved the dimension (weight) of the books, the number of books in the chain, and the angle of incidence between the chain and the ground, the determining of which introduces new potential experiments. in this case, the arch lost its rigidity due to having too many book in the chain proportionally to the weight (compressive power) of each member and fell apart. this failure provided some insight into unlocking the potential of this connection.


cropped 21380100_10151771797514226_1458008722_n  


we then bent the members of the arch to extreme angles to maximize the strength of the connection, creating spirals, helixes, and a self contained circular bay. this module has a lot of potential in its ability to be aggregated by stacking, or laterally to form a larger scale honeycomb/geodesic structural mesh. we are interested is exploring further connections and aggregation using only books.


1379617_10151771796729226_69089151_n IMG_0629  IMG_0640

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