Kinetic Libro Skin

A Kinetic skin – combining both the structure and flexibility of a massed jigsaw of irregular books with the implementation of tensile tendons to create a dynamic, flowing, adaptable structure and space.

the kinetic skin can cover horizontal, vertical and diagonal planes

the kinetic skin can cover horizontal, vertical and diagonal planes

A new building material of compressed pages allowing any form, flexibility, and stability.




The form, space and geometry is not obligated to maintain rigidity – it is free. It will morph and adapt to the needs of it’s users and to the moment. Liberated.

The material itself will be formed from a jigsaw of compressed books of all shapes and sizes. The thickened layers the panel will allow greater structural integrity whilst maintaining the fluid, flexibility property of the material.



detail of prototype compressed books

The massed panels can be milled or kuka-cut with digital tools to create perforations, windows, shelves, doors, or even just openings for sunlight and ventilation.

The cut layers will display the pages in section of the material – the layers of pages creating contours of the topography of each opening.


The manufacturing process can be highly optimized by the use of digital fabrication.



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