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future of “physical” meetings.


What is my product and what are my inspirations? This exercise intends to thrive into the physical part of meetings. What technologies do we have already that may help us have a more suitable meeting space. How should be that meeting space? The future of meetings will compose of two big players. The physical player [...]

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Workshop structure

A few lines here to review how we structured the workshop: Day 1: We’ve set the conceptual part of the workshop (Vision, Ideas, Execution). I also showcased my work so you could all get to know me, what I was working on, what I was struggling with, etc. The idea was to get some practical [...]

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physical interface for work place

what was I working in? physical interface used in meeting space. It includes pre-screen, on going mode and remote controller from user’s mobile phones. what I came up with? Interactive mode contained from three parts: pre-meeting, meeting mode and remote controller. Interface could be projection on the wall controlled by motions and mobile devices.

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Possible Names: Meet.log, Elephant.hub, The Turk Secretary, Meet.recorder, Keep Your Word (KYW!). This is an application to easily record, transcript and organize the workflow of a meeting. The idea here is to improve the efficiency of meetings by storing what was said, allowing all to access and pinpointing the commitments and responsibilities of all. Create [...]

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