Midterm project

Please read the following info related to the Midterm project

- This is a GROUP assignment, you have to work in groups or two. Groups will be arranged in class this week. If you want, you can work individually too.
- You have to design and make a creative application using minimum one sensor, one actuator and some of process to generate interesting application. No computers. Only with electronics.
- Think about hacking toys, modified devices, digital fabrication, musical instruments, crazy machines, etc…
- Try to design something efficient and environmentally friendly and energy efficient if possible.
- For this thursday 15 Nov, come up with a concept for your group’s project. Provide a one page description about your idea. Use the blog to write the concepts and your crazy ideas, please send me by email you comments to resolve your doubts.

Please, follow this recommendations:

• For this first project, you will use LEDs, buttons, light sensors, servomotors, dials, etc… with the BreadBoard , as well as other materials such as plastic, wood, cloth, cardboard, stone, etc., to create an object that acts and/or reacts to changes in its environment, in a way that expresses lifelike characteristics. Strive toward “elegance” in your design, using “just enough” materials and components effectively and appropriately to articulate your idea.

• In your proposal, please include the “pseudocode” for programming the piece (pseudocode is not actual code, but is “plain English” that describes in detail what you want your code to do. For example:

– Take input from light sensor.
– If the reading from the light sensor is below a certain level, turn on first red LED.
– If the reading from the light sensor is at a medium level, turn off red LED and turn on six yellow LEDs.
– If the reading from the light sensor is at or above a certain higher level, turn off red and yellow LEDs and turn on 16 green LEDs
– Etc.

• Enjoy it!

If you dont have an idea for the project I CAN PROPOSE you some exercises to do and you have to present your results in the same way!!!

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