Final project assignment

Create a physically interactive system of your choice.
Please, document your work thoroughly online as you go. Include details of all phases of the project. So teachers can see your progress and evaluate your work better.  Include a project summary as well, explaining what the system you built is, what it does, and what purpose it’s intended to serve. Your summary should introduce the project.
You may work alone or in groups.

A few examples:

Musical Instruments.
Performing music involves a sustained engagement between the performer and the instrument. The feedback from the instrument has to be immediate and clear in order for the performer to continue playing. The interface has to be flexible so that the musician can exercise her creativity in playing.

Physical interfaces for gaming.
Like musical instruments, they involve constant back-and-forth interaction and immediate response.
Try to program a simple game in your computer using P5 controlled by your interface. Another idea: The game can be a physical game!

Remote control systems.
They require not only a clear interface, but must also return enough information on the remote system’s action to let you know that you’re doing the right thing. Whether it’s a remote controller for your home electrical devices or a Mars rover controller, the need for clarity and good feedback are equally essential to the person who it’s made for.

Hacking toys or games.
Find a new use to an existing toy. Expand the possibilities of a game known by all. Create new toys from existing ones. Again, very clear interaction strategy and easy to understand the behavior of the application.

Final schedule:
  • Concept presentations and questions 5 dic
  • Final plan presentations 13 dic
  • Project working demonstrations 19 dic
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