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Hacking Devices – Trimbot

Hacking devices Team :  Morten Bulow ,Mohamad Ghamlouch ,  Marko Vukovic Academic staff: Marta Male-Alemany, Victor Viña, Brian Peters The project was part of the IAAC workshop “Hacking Devices”  with Victor Viña .The basic task was to hack  into existing technologies and re-define it  for a different use . We decided to dismantle  a printer and mount [...]

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Recycled FaBric(k) – Generative Design

Genetic Algoritm for Stable Brick Assembly – Video

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Recycled FaBric(k) – Hacking Devices

Arduino Controlled Rotating Saw Video

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Recycled FaBric(k) – Introduction

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Generative Design – digital tectonics

student team: Martin Firera, Julian Hildebrand, Ohad Meyuhas, Jordi Portell teaching staff: Marta Male-Alemany, Victor Viña, Brian Peters Our project “material networks” is based upon the investigation of a multimaterial building processes with the aim of being able to generate material networks which depending  on environmental factors on site such as heat, light, wind may [...]

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