3d Printing – Group 17

Motion was the main theme in the printed object, and aim to create a dynamic representation of the space. The idea was inspired from the mechanical (reciprocating) engines and the sequential movement between engine parts (cylinders and rods). The object consists of five joints, two different types, and ten steel rods. Moving one of the rods will cause the middle cylinder to rotate and to move the whole system.

Descriptions :
Type 1
• 3 pieces; one cylinder 18mm, two connecters one each side, two cylinders 12mm.
• 36 mm width.
• 30.6 mm height.
• 12 mm movement range.
Type 2
• 3 pieces; one cylinder 18mm, one connector one slot, two cylinders one with connector one with slot 12mm.
• 40 mm width.
• 30.6 mm height.
• 16 mm movement range.

Presentation (PDF)

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