Bending active structure


For our structure we decide to explore the elastic bending structural properties as a means to generate curved geometries from initially straight or planar elements of plywood. The main motivation behind using it lies in the simplicity of producing a curved element just by bending it.

componentsThe structure is formed by special parametrically design pieces of plywood that interlock between each other giving as a result a bending active structure made of thin  elastically bent plywood pieces. The force is locally stored in each bent region of the plywood pieces, and it’s maintained by the corresponding tension region of the neighboring piece, this type of connection greatly increases the structural capacity of the system.

11 22The location of the connection between the plywood pieces needs to change along the structure in order to change its shape, these changing connection will also help to prevent local points of concentrated bending. Also in other to change the structures shape and cope with structural forces the plywood pieces can be scaled in size.


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