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Final presentations_Growth and Form

Framework- D’arcy Thompson on growth and form Concept – Transformation, growth, forces and deformation Architectural work- Embryological House by Greg Lynn Click the link below for the video of the final presentation:

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Digital Logics- On growth and form

  Thompson wrote On Growth and form in the maturity of a career that lay somewhat outside the mainstream of the biological sciences of his day. His writings were a large contribution for the study of morphology. On Growth and Form is essentially an attempt to establish a concept of organic form based upon the physical [...]

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“Upon entering the fog mass, visual and acoustic references is erased, leaving only an optical white-out and the white-noise of pulsing nozzles. Blur is an anti-spectacle. Contrary to immersive environments that strive for high-definition visual fidelity with ever-greater technical virtuosity, Blur is decidedly low-definition: there is nothing to see but our dependence on vision itself.” [...]

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Digital Logics in Advanced Architecture

Maybe a lot of the neurons in our brains are not just capable but, if you like, motivated to be more adventurous, more exploratory or risky in the way they comport themselves, in the way they live their lives. They’re struggling amongst themselves with each other for influence, just for staying alive, and there’s competition [...]

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Blurred spaces of Sou Fujimoto and Sean Lally

Photo: Compass Table by Dunne and Raby (2001) http://www.dunneandraby.co.uk/content/books/90/0

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