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From Thomson’s theory of growth and forms to architectural transformation

In this investigation we tried to learn D’arcy Thompson’s theory on growth and form and apply it to architecture. So we figure out that it could be a new approach in creating architecture not from divided parts but growth it like live organism. We also explored this dynamic processes through prism of Grasshopper tools. Here [...]

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Final presentations_Growth and Form

Framework- D’arcy Thompson on growth and form Concept – Transformation, growth, forces and deformation Architectural work- Embryological House by Greg Lynn Click the link below for the video of the final presentation:

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Case study:    Watercube_Beijing National Aquatics Center_ PTW Architects, CSCEC, CCDI,  Arup Reading:   On Growth and form_ D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson Nature and the notion of organic have always been of much interest from architects designers and urban planners. Extensive theoretical studies, as well as architectural applications, have attempted to simulate nature, by extracting forms, [...]

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DIGITAL LOGICS – “On Growth and Form”

 “On Growth and Form” by D’Arcy Wentworth Thomson In Thomson’s book “On Growth and Form”, he looks at the way natural living things, such as vegetation and animals, and why they take the form they do by growing and changing. While at first the forms are described with words, they later are represented with mathematical and graphical [...]

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Digital Logics- On growth and form

  Thompson wrote On Growth and form in the maturity of a career that lay somewhat outside the mainstream of the biological sciences of his day. His writings were a large contribution for the study of morphology. On Growth and Form is essentially an attempt to establish a concept of organic form based upon the physical [...]

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