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Digital Logics | T3

  Blur Bluilding by Diller, Scofidio and Renfro for Swiss Expo 2002 This pavillion is an analogy to a cloud, with its uncertain and unpredictable boundaries. Solely made of its light tensegrity structure hidden by the fine water particles that floats in the air to create a fog mass through thousands of nozzles that project [...]

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Digital Logics- T5

Towards a Theory of Architecture Machine: Author: Nicholas Negroponte (March 1969) The author describes machine in which he calls the “Architecture Machine” that can learn about architecture and possibly learn about learning about architecture. A machine that can associate courses with goals, to be self-improving evolutionary specie and to be ethical. Nicholas also outlines the [...]

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DIGITAL LOGICS – “On Growth and Form”

 “On Growth and Form” by D’Arcy Wentworth Thomson In Thomson’s book “On Growth and Form”, he looks at the way natural living things, such as vegetation and animals, and why they take the form they do by growing and changing. While at first the forms are described with words, they later are represented with mathematical and graphical [...]

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