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Relational Logics _ Atmospherical Relations In the text of Mark Wigley it was written that the situationist architect has to exploit existing decors and décor is seen to induce dreams like a drug. This can be seen in the construction of the Sagrada, Gaudi focused on whimsical decorations to give life to the structure. Guy Debord and the situationists [...]

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Digital Logics | T3

  Blur Bluilding by Diller, Scofidio and Renfro for Swiss Expo 2002 This pavillion is an analogy to a cloud, with its uncertain and unpredictable boundaries. Solely made of its light tensegrity structure hidden by the fine water particles that floats in the air to create a fog mass through thousands of nozzles that project [...]

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Relational Logics | T3

  The main idea of the View House by Diego Arraigada & Johnston Marklee is clearly the views. They are framed vistas of the surrounding environment, they are projected on the building, with selected visual connections along its continuous façade that wraps the house, which concentric position has carefully chosen to control the view and [...]

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