IC1 Digital Fabrication // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

Today the MAA01 students presented their final works for the Introductory Seminar in Digital Fabrication, led by Alexandre Dubor with Sofoklis Giannakpoulos and Anna Popova.

The works consisted in projects developed throughout the term focussing on exploring the design opportunities arising from three common digital fabrication process that will be explored during the course : Laser Cutting, CNC milling and 3D Printing.

This year the exercise was articulated around the design of a differentiated component (composed of 2 material types) proliferating to form a volume. Each component was part of a common family, sharing the same constructive logic, while being slightly different from each other, evolving from a high density to a low density component.

The outcome of the exercise was a constructed assembly of at least 10 components which inhabited a given shape to create a suspended lamp.

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Group – 4_ Lamp (Bamboo+Resin)



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milling exercise

milling 0.6mm thick steel

IMG_1272 IMG_1280

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Group14 3D Printing sphere


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