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Team : Hunia tarck tomoum,Yaping chen & Jayanthimala Thangarajan Gokulraj kailash Aim   :  To design joints for 6mm dia rods to create flexible structures. Joint 1 – Two similar boomerang shaped element interlocked within a slit in them forms the first joint. The two elements are free to rotate within the limited axis. Each [...]

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 The milling exercise was developed to make us familiar with the milling machine and explore the myriad ways of using a multi layered and coloured valcromat panel (our assigned material for milling).Developed on the concept of “Abstract depicting of the properties of a silk cloth” ; 2 tools, a 26 mm flat edge tool  [...]

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LASER CUTTING: LAMP The project of the lamp was an exercise to get familiar with the Laser cutter.The main particularity of the laser cutter as a fabrication technology is that it is exclusively used on sheet materials. Ours material is Methacrylate ribbing. Ribbing as a technique comprises quite an open range of possibilities.Our idea is founded on [...]

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Methacrylate Lamp

Our work for this assignment consisted in fabricating a lamp out of methacrylate using the method of bending/folding the material. We started by the basic heat-bending of the material and realized we wanted to explore more complex options, we achieved this by bending the material not from a whole piece, but from the assembly of [...]

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Milling in Valchromat

The exercise consisted in generating a pattern on a valchromat board sized 400 x 600 x 240 mm, by using the CNC Vertical Milling machine.  We explored the different effects and tools the 3-axis milling machine offers by simulating a number of patterns in RhinoCam for Rhinoceros. Our final proposal consisted in a series of [...]

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