3D Printing – Soma Cube


The concept of the joint was conceived to generate different features in a single element instead of just having a simple joint. We try to play with speculation and with these criteria we are looking for unpredictable results. The joint features promote the application of different types of rotation and movement in 3 axes. One typology of joint can also be combined with other typology in order to create a different joint.


The functionality of the joint is defined by the typology of each element. Each joint is consisted of two, three or four cubes. To assure connections between the joint and the bars, each cube has two to five holes for putting the bars. The location of each cube is defined by its 360 degree rotation, according to necessities. The joints can also move along the bars.

Wherever it´s needed the joints can be combined therefore it´s possible to attach bars as much as wanted. Another features is that the joints without bars can be a Soma Cube, an unpredictable structure.

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