The (B) Lamp

B lamp

Students:  Fernando Barba Castillo / Jose Starsky Naya Lara / Ricardo Fernandez

For this exercise we were given methacrylate as a material and bending as the technique to be used. Since the beginning the material presented several drawbacks, for example the fragility but at the same time the rigidity of the material to bend.

Trying to achieve the bending of the methacrylate we experimented applying heat to the material with a heat gun. We concluded after several experiments with heat, that it was possible to bend but that it was not an accurate bend,  and was more of an artisanal work rather than digital fabrication. After bending with a heat gun was discarded, we started to look at bending by applying force to it and creating joints on the lamp that would encourage the bending but at the same time create a rigid structure.

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