Ba-Ro-La Lampara

For our project, we were assigned the material paper/cardboard and the geometrical manipulation ‘fold’. Our concept for this lamp was inspired by origami and the use of the water bomb technique. The water bomb technique is the basis of numerous types of patters that can be used to make geometric manipulations within a surface. We also wanted to work with the idea of manipulation based on user requirements as well as light studies to help filter soft light through.

For our materials, we used two different thicknesses of cardboard within our lamp design.


  • Cartulina Marron 3h. Weight, 40 gr. Measures, 50 x 65 cm
  • Fedrigoni Negro/Negro. Weight, 700 gr. Measures 70 x 100 cm

CUTTING PARAMETERS FOR “Cartulina Marron 3h”:

  • Speed = 100
  • Power = 5


  • Speed = 97
  • Power = 16

CUTTING PARAMETERS FOR “Fedrigoni Negro/Negro”:

  • Speed = 100
  • Power = 85


  • Speed = 100
  • Power = 50


For the Cartulina (thin cardboard) it’s necessary to use a wooden base, because we soon learned that the paper was too thin to hold on its own. The thicker cardboard was much easier to cut; it doesn’t need a wooden base.

We also tried multiple times and with different techniques to engrave on both sides of the paper, but that proved to require too precise a job for the machine to complete. We recommend working in one side only.

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