Paper Folding


To create a paper lamp by folding technique and using the folding feature to join the start and end of a single sheet of paper.


Paper, being a delicate yet versatile material to use, needed experimentation in terms of playing with various thickness, surface texture and types. We used wrapping paper, glossy magazine sheet, newspaper, and paper cardboard in various thicknesses.

Geometrical Manipulations:

Initially we experimented with various origami techniques to understand the folding parameters required for paper. The valley fold, Paper chains etc. The idea, along with folding a single sheet of paper, was to use the optimum thickness of paper and type to get the desired form. Technique used that result in an organic form by itself.


- Use the 120gms thickness of cardboard paper, size; 750x500mm

- Using rhino make a grid of 1cm by 1cm in an area of 600x600mm.

- Engrave the grid by using laser cutting machine, giving the cutting in specific grids for joining details

- Start folding using the numbers.

- The paper will turn inside because of the several folds resulting in the desired form.

- Turn the end of paper that is cut and fix in the desired grod chosen for the joining of both ends.

- Place the light holder in the middle and…

- Voila!

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