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The passive shading system from the future



For this exercise we decided to use our newly obtained skills with Galapagos on our final studio concept. The idea is to create a completely passive shading system that provides coverage wherever its needed in let the sun rays pass wherever they are desired.The blocking/passing of sun rays will be controlled passively by the outside temperature itself.

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 An emotionally self-managed city:

A few years ago, was released a device able to measure human emotions. They were red directly from human brain. The challenge was to be able to visualize and geolocate the emotional data, for mapping the cities, extracting the information directly from the citizens mind, without the necessity of using analytic algorithms to process SMS or instant text messages, form Social Networks. S.I.S.T.E.M.A is the name of an Artificial Urban Intelligence, who is able to monitor the emotional state of all the citizens connected to its network. In this way we could notice how the people actually sense the city, and obtain priceless information for mapping the space, which could be useful for: EMOTIONAL EVALUATION of city areas, NEUROMAKETING, for predicting the feelings that URBAN DESIGN would produce in the inhabitants , and for establishing criteria to place and set ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS and ACTIVITIES in the city streets.

[[[ I uploaded this material from my Thesis to show that I already have the skills that allow me to understand how data can be geolocated, in order to map a city according to different inforamtion sources.  This material at the same time  fullfill all the requierements of the assigned task. // Self- Stalking // Data visualization //GPS tracking ]]]

Emotional Data

Emotional Data


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Semestral Index of European Minimun Wages







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