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Calabi–Yau_Theoretical Physics of Methane Behaviour




The assignment is related to our methane research for the Self Sufficient studio. The challenge of this exercise is to propose an approach in theoretical design of material at the atomic scale that can maximize the amount of stored of methane in a given volume. The methane molecules are attracted to surfaces, while being repelled from each other. We attempt to simulate the interaction between methane and the Calabi-Yau surface area of a hypothetically ideal “methane-catching” material in a sample volume (scale of a methane molecule: pico meters).

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Tracking ME in Barcelona

140224-IAAC-Assignment 02-TobiasOhrstrom_Page_1Our movements can tell a story of how we live in a city.
This is my story from the last week living and moving in Barcelona.

1974 trackingpoint tracked in 3 days of living in Barcelona. The columns in orange shows different kind of speed during the transport through the city. The speed is vizualized in the height of the extruded columns.
I have used Trails to track myself. I have exported my tracking as GPX. Read More »

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Population and Methane


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