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In search for ‘The Gotham Knight’



The Batman comic was out. This is the footprint of my hunt for the comic. I started with one track and then Continued on different days. The path shows my tracks for 4 days.

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Suicide rates in India.


The no. of suicides are recorded by the survey of India, This later helps in focusing on knowing the mental state of people by their state. To then let the government know about the comparison of different states, and how it can be changed.



Suicide rate of India. Divided by states: 2013

The no. of Suicide. The deaths reported to the local police station. The deaths show either death by hanging or Death by poisoning. these two have the maximum value in the suicide rate.



The color shows the maximum and minimum level of suicides. The chart indicates the population of the states and the comparison of the suicides.



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