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The passive shading system from the future



For this exercise we decided to use our newly obtained skills with Galapagos on our final studio concept. The idea is to create a completely passive shading system that provides coverage wherever its needed in let the sun rays pass wherever they are desired.The blocking/passing of sun rays will be controlled passively by the outside temperature itself.

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Up and Down at Poblenou



On my way happily crossing Poblenou…


This self tracking File was recorded on 24.02.2014 with “GPS Kit Free” IOS application. I call it “A trip to the Beach” Read More »

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[Designing Associativity 2014] Kovachev Hristo



The Data collected and mapped is unfortunately not connected to any of my projects at the time, having in mind that all are far away from real architecture and functions for now.
So being a European from a country (Bulgaria) that just has recently joined the Union, I decided to pick a topic related with the other candidates applying for membership.


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